Collection: Cabinet of Curiosities

Come with us on a journey through the strange and fascinating world of 'Cabinets of Curiosities' or 'Wonder Rooms', the 18th century tradition of curating a room full of exotic collectables and oddities. Although there are accounts of some rooms being occupied by preserved organs and even posed skeletons playing the violin or wearing pearls, we're going to show you some of our more beautiful oddities.
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  • 19th Century South East Asian Ceramic Bowl Likely From Shipwreck

    $250 AUD

  • Ancient Egyptian Blue Faience Offering Cup

    $2,000 AUD

  • Ancient Roman Glass Flask on Stand

    $1,200 AUD

  • 1920s Chinese Water Dropper

    $750 AUD

  • Chinese Spectacles in Shagreen Leather Case

    $600 AUD

  • Decorative Bronze Chinese Mask with Stand

    $2,200 AUD

  • Art Nouveau Sterling Silver and Ruby Glass Vase

    $1,200 AUD

  • Carnelian and Gold Haroldo Burle Marx Ring

    $4,000 AUD

  • Chinese Yixing Clay Teapot

    $450 AUD

  • Porcelain Lidded Chinese Bowl with Five Claw Dragon

    $3,700 AUD

  • Cold Painted Bronze Inkwell of Man on Camel

    $950 AUD

  • Early 20th Century Carved Chinese Jade Lidded Vase

    $4,800 AUD