Collection: Cabinet of Curiosities

Come with us on a journey through the strange and fascinating world of 'Cabinets of Curiosities' or 'Wonder Rooms', the 18th century tradition of curating a room full of exotic collectables and oddities. Although there are accounts of some rooms being occupied by preserved organs and even posed skeletons playing the violin or wearing pearls, we're going to show you some of our more beautiful oddities.
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  • Cold Painted Bronze Inkwell of Man on Camel

    $950 AUD

  • Early 20th Century Carved Chinese Jade Lidded Vase

    $4,800 AUD

  • Erotic Pocket Watch

    $900 AUD

  • Painted Pre-Columbian Pot

    $950 AUD

  • Edward I. Farmer Inkwell in Sterling, Fluorite, Amethyst

    $9,800 AUD

  • Italian Floral Micromosaic Necklace

    $12,000 AUD

  • Small Bimini Glass Pitcher, Circa 1930s

    $450 AUD

  • Pair of Indian Bronze Monkey Figures

    $1,400 AUD

  • Tian-tsui Kingfisher Feather Hairpiece

    $900 AUD

  • Tortoiseshell Snuff Box with Pewter Mounts

    $2,100 AUD

  • Whale Tooth with Size and Location Inscribed

    $750 AUD

  • Fossilised Shark Tooth

    $140 AUD