Tattersalls Arcade & Corunna St, Albion

Collection: Porcelain

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  • Late 18th century Flight Worcester plate from the 'Hope Service'

    $8,367 USD

  • Christopher Dresser Moon Flask Vase

    $1,674 USD

  • Ceramic Putto by Wiener Kunstkeramische Werkstätte

    $1,205 USD

  • Pair of Putti Candle Holders by Michael Powolny

    $1,607 USD

  • Ceramic Putto with Grapes by Michael Powolny for Gmunder Keramische Werkstatte

    $12,383 USD

  • Wedgwood, Black Basalt, Parcel Gilt & Bronzed Candlesticks, Circa 1880

    $2,644 USD

  • Jasperware Stilton Dome Attributed to Wedgwood

    $1,205 USD

  • Ivory Veneered Tea Caddy with Wedgwood Medallion, Circa 1800

    $4,351 USD

  • Chinese Sang De Boeuf Baluster Vase

    $466 USD

  • Presidential Oyster Plate Designed by Theodore R. Davis for Haviland & Co. of Limoges

    $2,142 USD

  • Serves Porcelain Vase by Paul Milet With Silver Mount by A.Risler & Carre of Paris

    $737 USD

  • Chinese Tongzhi Porcelain Vase Decorated in Polychrome Enamels with Bronze Mounts

    $6,024 USD