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Collection: Miniature Portraits

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  • George III Period Miniature on Ivory Possibly of Joseph Frost

    $2,961 USD

  • 18th Century Miniature Portrait of a Lady in an Original Vulcanite Frame

    $2,462 USD

  • Porcelain 'Raphael' Miniature 'Grand Tour' Plaque in Carved Gilt Frame

    $965 USD

  • Miniature Portrait on Ivory of a Navy Officer

    $283 USD

  • Portrait of Marie Antionette in Ormolu Frame

    $1,597 USD

  • Miniature Portrait on Ivory of a Lady in Red, Circa 1810

    $1,997 USD

  • Pair of Cropped Miniature Portraits Circa 1800

    $573 USD

  • Miniature Portrait of Frederick Michael, Count Palatine of Zweibrücken

    $2,629 USD

  • Georgian Miniature Double Sided Portrait Pendant

    $2,329 USD

  • Ormolu Box with Miniature Portrait

    $2,595 USD

  • Pair of French Miniature Portraits

    $1,298 USD

  • Hand Painted Miniature Portrait by Ginet

    $999 USD