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Collection: Brooches & Other Jewels

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  • 18kt Gold Shell Brooch Pin By Georges L'Enfant For Tiffany & Co.

    $15,000 AUD

  • Lapis, Aquamarine and Diamond Brooch Pin

    $17,950 AUD

  • 18kt Yellow Gold & Old Mine Cut Diamond Bar Brooch

    $8,250 AUD

  • 18kt Leopard Brooch With Emeralds and Sapphires in The Manner of Cartier

    $7,250 AUD

  • 18kt Yellow Gold Horse Head Brooch by Pierino Frascarolo

    $9,800 AUD

  • Retro Era Ruby and Diamond Spray Brooch in 18kt Gold

    $12,000 AUD

  • 18kt Yellow Gold, French Coin Purse

    $6,000 AUD

  • Art Deco, Platinum & Diamond Convertible Brooch & Clips by Walser Wald

    $7,850 AUD

  • Aigrette Headpiece in 18kt Gold, Diamonds and Pearls

    $9,600 AUD

  • 14kt Gold and Diamond Fern Brooch Pin

    $8,925 AUD

  • Victorian Era, Silver Topped 15kt Gold, Natural Pearl, and Diamond Brooch Necklace

    $7,225 AUD

  • 15kt Yellow Gold, Silver, Natural Pearl, and Diamond Brooch Pendant

    $7,650 AUD