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Collection: Sculpture

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  • French Ormolu, Ivory, and Alabaster Hinged Box

    $5,600 AUD

  • Carved Chinese Figure

    $895 AUD

  • Japanese Bronze Tiger Statue

    $7,000 AUD

  • An Austrian Bronze Sculpture of a Boy

    $3,000 AUD

  • Carved Timber Figure

    $3,500 AUD

  • Green Soapstone Inuit Carving of a Woman

    $4,500 AUD

  • Abstract Stone Sculpture by the Shona People of Zimbabwe

    $500 AUD

  • 17th Century Hand Carved Santos Figure on Horse

    $1,200 AUD

Antique Sculpture

Discover the Antique Sculpture Collection from The Antique Guild

Serving as host to some of the most breathtaking art and curiosities in Brisbane, we offer the public the opportunity to obtain objects such as an antique sculpture or textiles from the far East. We have carefully curated our widely different and unique collections to provide only the most exclusive selection of items.

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