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  • 14k Rose Gold, Ruby, and Sapphire Retro Period Earclips

    $3,827 USD

  • Pair of Sterling Silver Aesthetic Movement Earrings

    $633 USD

  • Pair of Victorian Coral Cameo Drop Earrings

    $3,495 USD

  • Pair of Victorian Pique Drop Earrings

    $2,396 USD

  • A Pair of Japanese Shakudo Plaque Earrings

    $1,864 USD

  • Pair of Japanese Shakudo Fan Earrings with Sea Life Motifs

    $3,827 USD

  • Pair of Victorian Banded Agate Drop Earrings

    $1,232 USD

  • Pomellato 18kt Yellow Gold & Iolite Ear Clips

    $2,995 USD

  • 18kt Yellow Gold, Hermes Paris Ear Clips

    $2,962 USD

  • French Retro Period Platinum, Pearl, and Diamond Drop Earrings

    $5,824 USD

  • Monumental 18kt Gold, Diamond & Simulated Sapphire Cocktail Ear Clips

    $13,145 USD

  • Retro Period 14kt Gold, Ruby and Amethyst 'Peacock' Earrings

    $3,927 USD