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  • Two Tone 18kt Gold, Diamond and South Sea Pearl Ring and Earrings Suite

    $8,550 AUD

  • 18kt Gold, Golden South Sea Pearl & Diamond Dress Ring

    $8,250 AUD

  • 14kt Yellow Gold & Diamond Swirl Ring

    $5,225 AUD

  • 14kt Yellow Gold Ring with Cabochon Lapis Lazuli

    $2,100 AUD

  • 14kt Gold and Yellow Diamond Ring

    $3,550 AUD

  • 18kt Yellow Gold Cigar Band Ring

    $2,100 AUD

  • 14kt Yellow Gold and Pave Diamond Cigar Band Ring

    $4,700 AUD

  • Italian, 18kt Gold, Diamond and Turquoise Ring by Cazzaniga

    $6,200 AUD

  • Platinum Ruby and Diamond Ring

    $5,300 AUD

  • 18kt Gold and Diamond Half Band

    $2,800 AUD

  • 14kt Yellow Gold, Amethyst and Aquamarine Cocktail Ring

    $4,600 AUD

  • Tiffany & Co. Platinum and Diamond Ring

    $4,950 AUD

Antique Rings

Purchase Antique Rings at The Antique Guild

If you need to buy antique rings as the perfect accompaniment to your style, look through the options from The Antique Guild. Our company maintains an extensive inventory of antique jewellery.

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