Collection: Necklaces and Pendants

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  • Twisted Gold, Emerald and Diamond Cocktail Brooch Pendant

    $25,500 AUD

  • Carved Mother of Pearl Plaque Set in a Gold Brooch/Pendant Fitting

    $845 AUD

  • Victorian 14kt Yellow Gold, Diamond and Seed Pearl Lavalier Brooch Necklace

    $2,900 AUD

  • Platinum and Diamond Art Deco Brooch Necklace

    $10,600 AUD

  • Mid Century 14kt Yellow Gold and Diamond Necklace

    $14,700 AUD

  • Large French Silver Mistletoe Locket

    $1,200 AUD

  • Small French Silver Mistletoe Pill Box Pendant

    $1,100 AUD

  • Italian Grand Tour Period Angel Skin Coral Earrings and Brooch Pendant

    $3,700 AUD

  • Pearl Choker with Belle Epoque Platinum, Zircon, Onyx and Diamond Panel

    $17,200 AUD

  • Georgian Natural Pearl and Diamond Necklet

    $22,950 AUD

  • 14kt Victorian Seed Pearl and Diamond Lavalier Necklace

    $2,900 AUD