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  • 18kt Yellow Gold Horse Head Brooch by Pierino Frascarolo

    $9,800 AUD

  • 20 Carat Emerald Riviere Necklace Set In 18kt Gold

    $22,550 AUD

  • Art Nouveau, 14kt Yellow Gold, Peridot and Pearl Lavalier Necklace

    $3,400 AUD

  • Belle Epoque Old Cut Diamond and Sapphire Pendant in 18kt Yellow Gold

    $6,850 AUD

  • Victorian Era, Silver Topped 15kt Gold, Natural Pearl, and Diamond Brooch Necklace

    $7,225 AUD

  • 19th Century, English, 9kt Yellow Gold Muff Chain with Slider Pendant

    $7,400 AUD

  • 15kt Yellow Gold, Silver, Natural Pearl, and Diamond Brooch Pendant

    $7,650 AUD

  • 14kt White Gold, Emerald, and Diamond Necklace

    $11,400 AUD

  • Victorian 14kt Gold Fob Seal Pendant With Griffins

    $1,450 AUD

  • Original Art Nouveau Diamond Brooch Necklace

    $11,500 AUD

  • Long 23kt Gold Chain

    $13,500 AUD

  • Amethyst and Diamond Pendant Necklace

    $15,250 AUD

Antique Necklace

Discover the Joy and Beauty of Buying an Antique Necklace

There is something exciting and magical about owning old jewellery, such as an antique necklace. As well as the refined elegance, extraordinary beauty, and story of a bygone era, antique jewellery is a sound investment and can make a stunning statement piece. Our professionals have extensive experience handling fine estate jewels from around the world. We provide a wide selection of necklace and pendant styles so that you can readily find another piece of treasure to add to your collection.

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