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Collection: Necklaces and Pendants

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  • Italian 14kt Yellow Gold Rolex Link Style Necklace With Diamond Clasp

    $11,350 AUD

  • 18kt Yellow Gold Horse Head Brooch by Pierino Frascarolo

    $9,800 AUD

  • 20 Carat Emerald Riviere Necklace Set In 18kt Gold

    $22,550 AUD

  • Art Nouveau, 14kt Yellow Gold, Peridot and Pearl Lavalier Necklace

    $3,400 AUD

  • Belle Epoque Old Cut Diamond and Sapphire Pendant in 18kt Yellow Gold

    $6,850 AUD

  • Victorian Era, Silver Topped 15kt Gold, Natural Pearl, and Diamond Brooch Necklace

    $7,225 AUD

  • 19th Century, English, 9kt Yellow Gold Muff Chain with Slider Pendant

    $7,400 AUD

  • 15kt Yellow Gold, Silver, Natural Pearl, and Diamond Brooch Pendant

    $7,650 AUD

  • 14kt White Gold, Emerald, and Diamond Necklace

    $11,400 AUD

  • Victorian 14kt Gold Fob Seal Pendant With Griffins

    $1,450 AUD

  • Original Art Nouveau Diamond Brooch Necklace

    $11,500 AUD

  • Long 23kt Gold Chain

    $13,500 AUD