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Welcome to The Antique Guild, a curation of rare and beautiful things in Brisbane, Australia. The Antique Guild houses a remarkable collection of fine jewellery, furniture, silver, art, and much more.


We believe in buying once, and buying well.

We believe quality is remembered long after price is forgotten.

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Antiques Online Australia

We Offer Vintage Items and Antiques Online in Australia

Collecting antiques is both a hobby and a career. The Antique Guild provides a convenient and easy-to-use store for purchasing antiques online in Australia. From jewellery to furniture, we provide high-quality vintage collectables and antiques.

What You Should Know About Antiques in Australia

High-quality antique pieces are made to last, often built from natural resources such as wood, stone, and metals. They offer multiple financial and environmental benefits and provide functional and aesthetic advantages to their collectors.

  • Unlike savings and shares, antique items are tangible investments that physically portray your money’s worth. Because collectables and antiques aren’t influenced by declining interest rates or volatile market conditions, they can potentially provide a higher return on investment than capital savings plans. Antiques rarely decrease in value—in fact, their rarity and condition can increase their value over time. Antiques are a unique investment that may remain unchanged by economic patterns, providing a stable method for potentially increasing an initial spend.
  • Current-day antique items were once everyday objects that held very little value or recognition. Many that were even disliked in their time are now considered invaluable. If the condition of your item is original and unrestored, the value will potentially increase with time.
  • While stocks and shares can provide a basis for investment, antiques and collectables deliver several benefits of their own. A well-preserved antique potentially gains value while adding a design or functional element to your life. From antique furniture to precious stone-encrusted jewellery, your items provide multiple uses. An antique item can also provide sentimental value when it is passed down through generations, increasing its value beyond the financial.

Tips When Buying Online Antiques

It takes patience and a keen eye for detail to browse antique shops in Melbourne. Many avid buyers use research and practice to heighten their skills. Here are our top tips for buying Melbourne antiques:

  • Wooden furniture. When buying wooden antique furniture, always trust your gut. If it looks new, the appearance could mean that it’s been through a restoration, which could decrease its value. Always check the nails in the piece: shiny nails could indicate a recent construction, reducing the possibility of the furniture being an antique. Dovetail joints that keep the furnishing together without the use of nails or glue are a clear indication that the piece was most likely a one-off handmade by a carpenter, not a mass-manufactured item. A true vintage piece often shows signs of wear-and-tear from years of use, showings its originality. Thoroughly inspect the item for signs of labels, signatures, and stamps to authenticate its origin.
  • Rugs. The knot-count in rugs provides valuable insight into its origin and quality. More knots per area indicates higher quality and uniqueness. This attribute, together with the style and dye technique of the rug, directly determines its quality and value. A general rule when looking at rugs is to avoid unfinished edges. Excessive fraying caused by loose ends can lead to the entire rug unravelling and destroying the piece. Unless it’s been preserved, an antique rug won’t be in pristine condition. Wear-and-tear and discolouration can add to the charisma and history of the rug. Depending on the function of the rug, ensure that it will be able to withstand its purpose before investing.
  • Art. Print reproductions are a common find in the industry. Discerning paintings from prints is essential to ensure that you aren’t overpaying for your piece. Craquelure refers to the fine cracks that appear on the surface of original paintings–something that is not indicative of poor quality. These fine cracks denote authenticity and can be a highly-sought-after characteristic when collecting art. The frame also plays a role in the quality and appearance of a piece of art. Framers often marked their work with a stamp or signature, which you can research to define the age range of the artwork. Documents and certification of artwork will increase the authenticity and potential value of your item.
  • Silverware. While silver-plated items provide the classic look of silver without the price tag, it’s fundamental to understand the difference between silver-plated and sterling silver items when shopping for antiques in Melbourne. Sterling silver retains its value as it ages; silver-plated items do not. If you take careful care of it, sterling silver can last for hundreds of years. A simple way to tell if an object is sterling silver is to hold it up to a magnet. If the magnet does not attract it, then it’s most likely sterling silver. While both sterling silver and silver-plated items bear signs of wear and tear, a true sterling item is easy to shine and restore. Many American sterling pieces show the numbers 925, meaning that the item is typically manufactured using 92.5% silver, with the remaining 7.5% made up of other metals. English sterling may also show the mark of a lion, indicating its authenticity. Unlike their antique counterparts, current market rates determine the price of silver products.
  • Porcelain and ceramic items. In determining whether your desired item is real porcelain, shining a light onto the piece will help you differentiate porcelain from stoneware. If the light shines through, then it’s porcelain. Take a look at the edges of the piece: a straight lip indicates transferware, which shows that the image or artwork was machine-printed onto the item. Hand-painted designs boast brushstroke details paired with minor imperfections. Hand-painted stamps on the underneath of the article usually suggest an early origin, while printed symbols could denote a more recent manufacture.

Why Trust The Antique Guild Regarding Antique Stores in Melbourne?

Our knowledge and understanding of the antique industry allow us to provide a wide variety of popular items that go above and beyond other antique stores in Sydney. Our customer-centric focus offers you tailored advice and supportive after-sales service. Our online store for antiques in Sydney delivers the convenience of shopping from home, including multiple payment options and delivery or collection from one of our stores.

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