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Our Brisbane Antique Store Locations

The Antique Guild Charlotte Street Brisbane Store
38 Charlotte Street, Brisbane
(07) 3012 8771

Monday - Friday
10am - 6pm
10am - 4pm

The Antique Guild Albion Store
32 Corunna Street, Albion
(07) 3221 3112

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Antiques Brisbane

We Stock Proper Antiques in Brisbane

Instead of settling for cheap alternatives, you can now find high-quality products worldwide, including antiques in Brisbane. Even though technology has improved various aspects of life, some elements such as furniture, jewellery, decorative arts and similar items remain strong through decades. For this reason, these items are sought-after, and now The Antique Guild makes them available to you through our antique stores in Brisbane.

Benefits of Buying Antiques for Sale in Brisbane

Consumers around the country ask themselves where they could access antiques as there aren’t many providers around. Others still grapple with the idea of obtaining rare, valuable vintage items. These are some of the benefits you can enjoy when you buy antiques through us.

  • Antiques tell a story when you acquire them. Instead of featuring new products, you have the opportunity to regale your guests with the backstory of a particular item. They could come from another era, perhaps before you existed, and possess a rich heritage and history.
  • The fact that these pieces have remained intact for a long time is a testament to their quality and craft. Their durability is one of the primary reasons that people collect antiques around the world. Taking care of them and maintaining their condition is essential to maintaining their value which you can capitalise on by putting it back into the market whenever you have the desire. While they require a significant investment, they appreciate in value and can deliver a considerable return.
  • Antiques are incredibly unique, especially when you compare them to modern examples. Every piece of antiquity holds the personality of its designers. When you acquire one of these products, you can be confident that you’re one of few people who may have a similar item but not necessarily an original. Additionally, embracing the world of antiques is a huge decision to protect the environment.

What To Expect from The Antique Guild Regarding Brisbane Antiques

We are one of the only antique shops in Brisbane importing quality goods for Australians. We’re passionate about the products we stock, so you can rest assured that you’re shopping at a trustworthy, reliable store.

  • Apart from our physical store in Brisbane, we’re offering Australians the opportunity to find the antiques they’re after in our online store. We’ve separated the items into categories for you to identify the goods you desire quickly.
  • To meet the demands of local consumers, we provide various payment methods such as credit cards, GooglePay, and ApplePay. Additionally, we’ll be catering to Laybuy and AfterPay soon.
  • If you know a loved one who loves antiques, you can treat them to an online gift card to shop for their desired items. Additionally, if antiques are your thing, you can subscribe to our newsletter to receive invites to all future online jewellery and decorative art exhibitions.

About The Antique Guild

We’re the leading antique store in Australia with shipping available to areas such as Melbourne and Sydney. Alternatively, visit us in Brisbane or Albion to browse our massive catalogue of products in person.

Contact us if you require information about a particular antique product.