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  • Legras Cameo Frosted and Acid Etched Vase with Polychrome Enamelling

    $2,600 AUD

  • Fine Glass Beaker by Michael Powolny for Lobmeyr

    $1,800 AUD

  • Trio of Bohemian Gilt Glass Bowls

    $1,300 AUD

  • Green Aventurine Mistletoe Vase

    $1,800 AUD

  • Bohemian Ruby Glass Compote

    $675 AUD

  • Austrian Amethyst Glass and Ormolu Mounted Urn

    $1,750 AUD

  • Vase by Verlys of France

    $895 AUD

  • Rare Sabino Art Glass Vase of Birds in Flight

    $5,600 AUD

  • Art Deco Malachite Glass Decanter Set

    $1,100 AUD

  • Repousse Silver and Etched Glass Beaker

    $995 AUD

  • Set of Six Hand Blown Champagne Flutes

    $2,000 AUD

  • Set of Five Amethyst Glass Tumblers in the Moser Taste

    $1,800 AUD

Antique Glassware

Beautify Your Home or Enhance Your Collection with Our Antique Glassware

Among the most breathtakingly beautiful antique treasures are glassware and porcelain. Especially considering the craftsmanship and tools involved, their intricacy and delicacy are impressive and fascinating. We can stare for hours, marvelling at the skill and majesty encompassed in these fragile works of art. While a trip to Venice to source precious works in glass would be a rare adventure, there’s no need to go to those lengths: browse striking and unique antique glassware in our online collection or download our brochure.

To own such pieces is heavenly and collecting is a valuable pursuit. If you’re looking for the thrill of sourcing and assessing artefacts yourself, here are some tips to ensure that you only buy authentic work.

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