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  • Georgian Miniature Double Sided Portrait Pendant

    $3,500 AUD

  • 18kt Gold and Tourmaline Brooch Pin by Haroldo Burle Marx

    $3,750 AUD

  • Three Row Platinum and Diamond Ring with Central Emerald

    $7,550 AUD

  • Garnet, Citrine, Amethyst and Topaz Opera Length Necklace in 14kt Gold

    $4,250 AUD

  • Sterling Silver Victorian Teapot by Charles and Daniel Houle

    $2,250 AUD

  • French Art Deco Walnut Dining Table

    $3,200 AUD

  • American Art Deco Walnut Cabinet

    $1,500 AUD

  • Late 19th Century Russian Desk Set

    $5,300 AUD