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  • 'Dauphin' Opalescent Glass Bowl by Rene Lalique

    $5,750 AUD

  • 'Into the Stretch' by Neil (James Neil) Boyle

    $3,600 AUD

  • 14K White Gold Blue Topaz and Diamond Ring Pendant

    $8,000 AUD

  • 14k Yellow Gold and Jade Ring

    $2,200 AUD

  • 14k Yellow Gold Victorian Hinged Cuff

    $5,300 AUD

  • 14k Yellow Gold, Silver and Diamond Star Burst Brooch Circa 1900

    $14,550 AUD

  • 14kt Gold Ring with Carnelian Intaglio Seal

    $2,200 AUD

  • 14kt Gold, Akoya Pearl Cluster Pin

    $4,500 AUD

  • 15th Century Chinese Carved and Gilt Gold Luohan

    $4,500 AUD

  • 16th Century Ming Dynasty Chinese Vessel

    $6,750 AUD

  • 17th Century Hand Carved Santos Figure on Horse

    $1,200 AUD

  • 18k Gold and Cabochon Emerald French Bangle

    $10,800 AUD