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  • Japanese Meiji Porcelain Geisha by Kinkozan Sobei

    $18,000 AUD

  • Unframed Portrait of Young Woman

    $2,500 AUD

  • 19th Century Oil on Canvas in Original Gilt Frame

    $1,800 AUD

  • 1920s Impressionist Portrait of Bearded Gentleman

    $1,800 AUD

  • Georgian Portrait of a Gentleman in Original Water Gilt Frame

    $4,700 AUD

  • Art Deco Oil Portrait of a Woman, Signed

    $3,700 AUD

  • Unframed Portrait of a Woman

    $1,800 AUD

  • Georgian Oil Painting on Canvas of a Gentleman

    $5,000 AUD

  • Reverse Painted Peking Glass Snuff Bottle

    $895 AUD

  • Hand Painted Miniature Portrait by Ginet

    $1,500 AUD

  • Framed Pietra Dura Landscape by G. Ugolini

    $900 AUD

  • 19th Century Oil on Canvas Painting by John Blake Macdonald

    $16,000 AUD