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  • West African Carved Bed by the Bamileke People

    $5,200 AUD

  • Asante Terracotta Lidded Pot with Bird Finial

    $395 AUD

  • Carved Stool by the Nupe People of Nigeria

    $495 AUD

  • Carved Wood Hehe or Gogo Stool

    $495 AUD

  • Authentic Carved Hehe Stool

    $495 AUD

  • Zoomorphic Rhino Headrest with Geometric Decorations by The Dinka People

    $650 AUD

  • Carved Wood Headrest by the Kambatta or Arussi Culture

    $295 AUD

  • Carved Stool by the Lobi People

    $350 AUD

  • Carved Wood Mossi Wan Balinga Mask

    $1,200 AUD

  • Life-Size Carved Wooden Figure with Lidded Vessel

    $4,800 AUD

  • Abstract Stone Sculpture by the Shona People of Zimbabwe

    $500 AUD

  • Power Figure by the Fon People of Benin, West Africa

    $1,700 AUD