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  • Retro Period, 14kt Gold, Ruby and Diamond Cocktail Earrings

    $3,400 AUD

  • Pair of 14kt White Gold, Akoya Pearl and Diamond Earrings

    $2,975 AUD

  • Georgian Revival Diamond and Emerald Ear Pendants in 14kt Yellow Gold

    $5,525 AUD

  • 14kt Gold, Diamond & Garnet Button Earrings

    $3,750 AUD

  • Articulated 18kt White Gold and Diamond Drop Earrings

    $3,400 AUD

  • Retro Period, 14kt Gold and Old European Cut Diamond Ear Clips

    $4,420 AUD

  • Andrew Grima 18kt Gold, Citrine and Diamond Ear Clips

    $15,000 AUD

  • 14kt Yellow Gold and Opal, Art Nouveau Style Earrings

    $2,450 AUD

  • Georgian Revival 14kt Gold and Old Mine Cut Diamond Ear Pendants

    $5,700 AUD

  • Triangular 18kt Gold Earrings

    $1,500 AUD

  • 18kt Gold, Amethyst, Topaz and Peridot Earrings by Maz

    $4,500 AUD

  • 18kt Gold Mabe Pearl Earrings

    $5,100 AUD

Antique Earrings

Add a Touch of Class to Your Wardrobe with Antique Earrings

Antique earrings are a classy, dainty way to add a dash of elegance to any look. Apart from their visually appealing nature, they may hold sentimental or financial value for that special loved one in your life.

The Benefits of Antique Jewellery

There may be some surprising advantages to wearing beautiful classic jewellery which you may not have been aware of before. Here are just some things to look forward to:

  • Antique jewellery makes for a unique choice of gifting for that special person in your life. Unlike more recent earrings, the antique counterparts are not mass-produced. You will own an elegant pair of earrings that are singular and remarkable. Spoil yourself or loved ones with a truly special piece of jewellery in a vintage setting.
  • Certain jewellery tends to be designed and modelled after a certain period. Instead of finding a replica earring of an earlier era's jewellery styles, antique jewellery is the real deal. It includes the aspects that make the antique unique in craftsmanship and materials.
  • Getting your hands on antique jewellery in good condition will prove that the item is made incredibly well and will last long enough for you to pass it down. Antiques comprise quality materials and excellent craftsmanship, which has defied time and will likely continue to age well in the foreseeable future.

These are simply some of the many benefits of owning exceptional, unique antique jewellery or gifting your loved ones.

Common Mistakes Made With Antique Jewellery

Specific issues may arise when you are either shopping for your antique jewellery or wearing it. Keep these in mind for future reference to avoid any associated pitfalls:

  • Before simply buying your jewellery from any website, ensure it is a reliable company offering authentic items. An easy way to do this is to check their social media sites to glimpse into the level of reliability and quality service they offer. You will get an idea of what clients have to say about their products and services, which makes a drastic difference in using them.
  • Antique jewellery may be bold and distinctive, therefore hard to match with other accessories. It's best to stick to one bold statement piece instead of throwing several items together, creating a clash of distinctive elements.
  • Cleaning jewellery is important no matter the age of the item. Cleaning antique jewellery requires even more attention to detail and quality products as the piece's longevity is at stake. Remember to clean your items regularly with a jewellery cleaner bought from a jewellery store.

By avoiding these common pitfalls, you will easily get your hands on and preserve your very own piece of unique antique jewellery.

About The Antique Guild

If you're looking to invest in fine quality antique items, The Antique Guild is an ideal place to start. We offer exceptional jewellery to suit all tastes, along with impeccable quality to boot.

Call us for more information on all of the pieces we have on offer.