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  • Pair of Black Onyx, Diamond, and Chalcedony Stud Earrings

    $1,650 AUD

  • Pair of 18kt White Gold, Diamond, Coral, and Onyx Earrings

    $4,250 AUD

  • Retro Tiffany & Co. 14kt, Citrine and Tourmaline Earrings

    $5,450 AUD

  • Russian 18kt Rose Gold, Diamond and Cameo Earrings

    $8,550 AUD

  • Pair of Tiffany & Co. 18kt Yellow Gold Swirl Ear Clips with Turquoise

    $4,650 AUD

  • Italian Grand Tour Period Angel Skin Coral Earrings and Brooch Pendant

    $3,700 AUD

  • An 18kt Yellow Gold, Coral and Pearl Suite

    $6,750 AUD

  • 18kt Yellow Gold Buccellati Petal Ear Clips

    $6,000 AUD

  • Retro 18kt Gold Knot Ear Clips

    $3,000 AUD

  • 14kt White Gold, Pearl and Diamond Earrings

    $6,400 AUD

  • Verdura 18kt Gold Turban Shell Ear Clips

    $4,675 AUD

  • 18kt Ceylon Sapphire and Diamond Earrings

    $7,650 AUD